Fukushima Game Jam Colombia Satellite Site

The Universidad de los Andes and IGDA Colombia are honored to present our satellite site for the Fukushima Game Jam (FGJ) 2013. The FGJ is an event that started in 2011 in order to show the great activity in the IT field around the Tohoku Region, affected by the eartquake and tsunami of that same year. IGDA Colombia joins efforts this year with IGDA Japan in this event.


The Colombian site of the Fukushima Game Jam will open on August 2nd 2013, with training events in videogames and a special awareness event about the Tokohu Region in Japan. We will start our Game Jam at the same time as the Japan’s site, on the same day at 10pm, local time. We will finish development on August 4th (Sunday), at 3am, again at the same time as the Japanese site. More details will follow in the coming weeks.


More information about FGJ can be found at the official site: http://fgj.igda.jp